Enterprise Mobility (MDM)

The exponential growth of enterprise mobile device adoption and the exponential growth of wireless networks have incrementally transformed business models. To implement a mobile organisation, organisational silos must be broken down in order to bring people, technology, and security together. A modern digital workplace enables employees to work more efficiently, improve communication and collaboration, reduce costs, and deliver a more personalised consumer experience.

Enterprise Security

In a world of competitive and sophisticated expansion, enterprise security leaves little room for error. Whether large enterprises or SMBs, everyone has felt the pinch of security concerns. Enterprise security governance is a strategy for minimising the risk of unauthorised access to information technology systems and data within a business


A Complete Ready-Made Data Security Solution for Startups

A Complete instant ready made solution
  1. EDR – End point Detection And Response

  2. Email Security – Cloud Email Security

  3. DLP – Data Leak Prevention

  4. MDM – Mobile Data Management

Application Security

Next Is Now Tech experts are here to solve your problems. We provide source code protection, app integrity protection, anti-debugging, network packet sniffing/spoofing tool detection, and cheat tools. Get them all secured at run time

IT Security Policy Implementation

Have you ever wondered why data breaches at midsize and large organizations are so common despite the plethora of “security solutions” available? The truth is, security products (firewalls, IdPs, WAFs) are only a small part of a holistic, comprehensive IT security program. There is no silver bullet: Effective IT security requires a governance structure and security policy framework that addresses the full spectrum of risks and threats that your organization faces. NINT’s applies an approach that’s built on the hugely popular NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Contact NINT’s now to learn how we can help