Technical Assessment


As the cyber threats and attacks are rapidly increasing, the market share of cyber security business is growing day by day. Looking lots of space in this area, unexperienced companies also trying their luck to get the business from the organisation’s those does not have the capabilities to assess the unexperienced organisation’s technical and skill capabilities. Do they actually have capabilities in house? or are they keeping your confidential data security, integrity, private information on stake by further outsourcing to freelancers or third party? When you hire Cyber Security outsourcing partners you bound to share the highly confidential information such as Network, IT Systems, Softwares, Data Center, Firewall’s credentials, structure and diagrams which may have the risk of compromise such information in third party hands and that may be turns into worse and existing gaps or vulnerability can be exploited by hackers easily.

How Next Is Now Technologies Helps?

We at Next Is Now Technologies, helps organisations by providing assessment service before hiring the Information Security & Cyber Security Outsourcing partners. We interview their expert’s technical skills, delivered projects, use cases. We also interview and assess technical skills of their end employees who actually going to work on your project and investigate if they have the expertise, capabilities in house to achieve the deliverables or not. Finally we submit the final report basis on our assessment to assure you that your partner is capable or not.

Risks involve, if your partners are not technical capable or not an aggregators?