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SIEM Security Solution?

SIEM brings together visibility, correlation, automated response, and remediation in a single, scalable solution. It reduces the complexity of managing network and security operations to effectively free resources, improve breach detection, and even prevent breaches. In addition, SIEM leverages machine learning and statistical methodologies to baseline normal behaviour and incorporate real-time, actionable insights into anomalous user behaviour regarding business-critical data. By combining telemetry that is pulled from endpoint sensors, network device flows, server and applications logs, and cloud APIs, SIEM is able to build comprehensive profiles of users, peer groups, endpoints, applications, files, and networks. SIEM behavioural anomaly detection is a low-overhead but high-fidelity way to gain visibility of end-to-end activity, from endpoints, to on-premises servers and network activity, to cloud applications




Benefits of SIEM

SIEM is the solution which is providing a very powerful method for detecting the threats, reporting in real-time and long-term analytics of the security events and logs. This tool is incredibly useful for safeguarding the organisations of all the sizes. The benefits are as below:

SIEM solutions are having the ability for collecting the event logs from multiple devices and applications. They are allowing the IT staff to identify, review, and respond to various potential security breaches very fast. When you are identifying the threat in the early stages it will ensure the organisation is suffering from the minor impacts. In short, SIEM will collect the security data events from multiple sources and allows the IT team to see the big picture.


Scale-as-you-grow architecture

Reduce complexity with multi-tenancy and multi-vendor support

How SIEM Product Is Selected

With a wide assortment of SIEM systems for you to browse, the beginning stage for product selection is building up what you trust a SIEM will give you, and what your specific needs are. For instance, if your essential driver for purchasing a SIEM is compliance, at that point you are probably going to esteem a system that offers nitty-gritty detailed reporting abilities. If you need to set up a security operations center (SOC), at that point a greater security-centered product will be progressively suitable. If you need assistance spotting new dangers, at that point an item with better information data representation tools and search abilities will be increasingly valuable. Your association’s size is another significant deciding element: If you are producing 100,000 events per second (EPS), at that point you will be limited to a portion of the biggest capacity limit SIEM system.

How SIEM is Implemented

a SIEM can be an expensive and lengthy procedure, and you may think that it’s valuable to utilize specialists or seller-provided proficient services to help guarantee implantation is completed productively and effectively. The final product will be a system that better addresses your issues. Basic steps include: Determining the system design, including dashboard and system for reporting, storage and indexing systems, and log collections system Choosing proper equipment dependent on factors that incorporate the anticipated volume of log information to be gathered (estimated in events per second) and the number of log sources Establish your storage requirements and how that will be given, alongside appropriate infrastructure storage network for accessing it Installation of servers and programming or machines System installation and configuration, including setting up log ingestion utilizing provided or custom connectors, setting up dashboards and reports scheduling, designing rules for correlation, and enabling every necessary caution

Develop a Comprehensive Threat Profile

Don’t wait until you suffer a breach to learn which attacks and malicious actors are most likely to harm your organisation.



Proactively Harden Your Security Framework

Prevention of Potential threats Increased in the efficiency Cost Reduction in security breaches Compliance with IT Better log analysis, reporting, and retention.

Improve Your Defences Before You Are Threatened

Many gaps in your security can be uncovered—and fixed—with advanced, comprehensive evaluation by our Blue Team security experts.


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