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What is Blue Team?

Remote work and corporate digitisation initiatives drive productivity gains across the supply chain. These new workflows depend on functionality across numerous critical applications and data repositories. Each of these connections becomes a potential point of exposure, disruption, and loss. Manufacturers integrate internal security teams to help build a defense against downtime caused by cyber attacks. They are known as blue teams.

How blue teams enhance cybersecurity, and how blue team exercises further help blue teams protect against cyber attacks that can cause business disruption and financial loss. We will also explain the purple team and what happens during a purple team assessment

Find Gaps in Your Defences—Before Attackers Find Them

NINT's Blue Team services will proactively analyse your networks to make sure you are secure, to identify existing flaws in your posture, and to ensure each of your security measures are operational and effective.

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Know More?

Develop a Comprehensive Threat Profile

Don’t wait until you suffer a breach to learn which attacks and malicious actors are most likely to harm your organisation.



Proactively Harden Your Security Framework

Prevention of Potential threats Increased in the efficiency Cost Reduction in security breaches Compliance with IT Better log analysis, reporting, and retention.

Improve Your Defences Before You Are Threatened

Many gaps in your security can be uncovered—and fixed—with advanced, comprehensive evaluation by our Blue Team security experts.


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Improve Defenses and Maintain Constant Vigilance Against Attacks—Without Adding Internal Staff

Most internal security teams lack the specialise skills and manpower to continuously evaluate defence systems, proactively improve defence against likely attacks, and to quickly respond in case of an attack from Red teams or real attackers. NINT's Blue Team services provide you with these resources in a cost-effective manner.